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  • Sarah Pilgrim

    I can’t express my thanks to Emma highly enough. With her calm, kind demeanour and her incredibly soothing voice she instantly put me at my ease and helped me to deal with the dreadful debilitating anxiety I was experiencing following a very stressful string of events in my life. After just one session I felt calmer, my sleep was much improved and, most importantly for me, a particularly painful and haunting incident no longer prompted nightmares. A few more sessions with Emma and I now feel better equipped to deal with stressful and negative thoughts and situations without getting into a flap. I am so much more focused and relaxed.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Emma. She is professional, empathetic, patient, and non-judgemental.

  • Pat

    I went to see Emma because I had a fear around dogs. I was frightened around dogs after been attacked by a dog when I was 6 years old. My anxiety was getting out of control. It was really having a negative impact on my life. I went to see Emma, in the hope she could help me with my fear of dogs. Emma is an amazing hypnotherapist. She was so warm and friendly, and helped me to talk about my fear and anxiety. She used her skills, knowledge and expertise to help me. After the hypnotherapy session I was hoping that my fear of dogs would be reduced. I was delighted to find that my anxiety and fear had disappeared. I’m free of my anxiety and fear and I have discovered that I actually like dogs. Thank you Emma I’m so delighted. I have a much better quality of life now. I love going for a walk in the park without worrying. I feel so happy and delighted. Thank you Emma the hypnotherapy session I had with you was life changing.

  • Susan

    Emma’s sessions and her targeted support have really helped me to achieve my weight loss goals. The sessions are skilfully focused on the individual’s aspirations and there is no element of judgement. Emma is fantastic at putting you at ease and as other reviewers have commented her voice quickly soothes you into going with the flow of her process. I sincerely recommend you giving it a go!
    Thank you, Emma!

  • Claudia Ward

    I couldn’t recommend Emma more highly. You are in great hands to achieve all your goals, whatever they may be.

    Working with Emma on hypnosis has been a transformative experience. I came to Emma initially to help with procrastination issues. After struggling for as long as I can remember with putting things off that really needed to get done, she helped me to almost magically stop. In our initial meeting Emma helped me to identify the problem and was able through her hypnosis technique to easily change my behavior to be more productive without even thinking about it.

    After seeing how she was able to help with the procrastination, Emma helped me with weight loss and gaining control over my eating and exercise habits. We set an initial goal and then she skillfully guided me with care and understanding to achieve not only the weight loss but to gain a whole new perspective and new healthy lifestyle. I haven’t felt this good in years!

    The process has been effortless and enjoyable!

  • Eira Dungey

    I had gain an enormous amount of weight since the beginning of the pandemic and had lost any sort of control over my eating habits and choices. This was making me very worried and depressed and I couldn’t see any way out of this.
    Emma has completely changed my eating habits especially with my control over portion size . I have lost 1 stone in 6 weeks without any effort. Her hypnotherapy sessions are so relaxing and enjoyable listening to her beautiful voice.
    I would recommend Emma to anyone who wanted to lose weight . Until I found Emma I was becoming desperate about my situation, she has been my salvation and my self-esteem hasn’t ever been better.
    Thank you Emma

  • Miri Lawrence

    I came to Emma Greenstein for help with weight gain. Over lockdown I had got into bad habits over portion control and snacking. My weight had crept up and I was having difficulty finding the willpower to eat healthily.

    Emma was really professional and approachable and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with her, which were extremely relaxing. I quickly abandoned the bad habits I had got into and the pounds started to fall away. I started to feel much more energetic and the whole process felt effortless.

    I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who would like to try hypnotherapy. I felt in very safe hands and am thrilled with the results.


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