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  • Karen Monteith

    Highly recommend! I have used Rapid Change Hypnotherapy for weight loss using the virtual gastric band programme, I lost 10lbs in the first week and consistently lost weight the following months. I have also used Rapid Change Hypnotherapy for a spider phobia and anxiety in the past, and highly recommend this hypnotherapist.

  • Connie Purdon

    I contacted William at rapid change hypnotherapy to enquire about the virtual gastric band program that I saw on his website as I wanted to lose weight. When William explained in detail what was involved, I booked straight away. The program was fantastic. I lost a stone (14 lbs) in the first 4 weeks and continued to lose weight months later. As well as losing the weight I also lost inches in the right places and can fit back into the clothes I had outgrown. The strangest thing was how easy the program made everything, I could never have made all these changes on my own, it totally change my relationship with food, even stopped me getting up through the night to snack, which was a huge part of problem, I feel better and just so much happier in myself, the hypnosis worked like magic. Some of the sessions we did were relaxing and felt like timeout, which was brilliant. Other sessions were a total experience like nothing else, I actually experienced hypnosis, at times I was amazed what was happening during the sessions, fantastic! I would definitely recommend William to anyone that needs help and already recommended him to friends and colleagues. So happy.

  • Irene C

    Finally Fearless. Thanks to Rapid Change Hypnotherapy I finally had the nerve to go through with my knee op. Terrified isn’t the word but after only a 20 minutes session with William, my operation was done and dusted with no fear at all. wish I’d have known about this sooner.

  • Allison Stewart

    I have suffered from insomnia for years, I got to the stage I was hardly sleeping at all so I contacted William at rapid change hypnotherapy, he was fantastic he taught me how to relax, he also lowered my self-talk and inner thoughts that were keeping me awake at night, I’m sleeping much better than I have done in years, I’m grateful for his help and I have already recommended William to my colleagues.


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