If you are wondering how much does hypnotherapy cost, or how much a hypnotherapy session costs, to help you figure that out, there are a few things you should consider.

Firstly hypnotherapist’s fees vary greatly, so you will need to consult their website to get an idea and contact them directly, letting them know what you want, for an accurate quote.

For a single session, some charge as much as you might expect to pay for a haircut, and some charge what you might expect to pay a lawyer. Charges range from around £40.00 to £250.00 in the United Kingdom.

This price difference might be due to the hypnotherapist’s location, experience, type of service, or simply a personal choice to make their services more or less affordable.

Length of treatment
The second thing to consider is how long will hypnotherapy take. How many sessions will be involved?

– Some hypnotherapists charge per session.
– Some will have a set price and set number of sessions for particular issues.
– Some price things by the agreed upon goal, irrespective of how many sessions it takes.

So, when you speak to a hypnotherapist ask them what your expectation should be. Ask how things are priced. It is likely that typically they will see clients with similar issues, for similar periods of time, so they should be able to tell you.

Payment terms
If the service is a fixed course of treatment, then it may be that you have to pay it all in advance or have the option to pay per session. This should be made clear to you when you book.

When it comes to exploring how much does Hypnotherapy cost, some hypnotherapists charge one price for an initial consultation and a different price for ongoing sessions. Also, some hypnotherapists provide group sessions at a lower price to one-to-one.

Finally, some therapists do make concessions to certain groups, such as students, OAP, and veterans, or for certain issues. It is always worth asking them if you think you may be eligible for a concession.

As with any medical or therapeutic process, there can be no definite guarantees of success. Some people achieve what they want easily and rapidly. Others require more time and effort. And sadly sometimes, despite the best of intentions, the goal is not reached. Hypnotherapy outcomes are as much reliant on the client as they are the therapist. So it is not common for hypnotherapists to offer guarantees based upon reaching an outcome. You are paying for their time, just like you if you saw a physiotherapist. Some do offer guarantees though. A kind of no win, no fee; or no win, reduced fee.

So get in touch with the hypnotherapists you are considering. Ask about how they work, their fees, their availability and anything else you would like to know. Your expectation should be that the likely overall cost of treatment should be clear.

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