Hypnosis for Anxiety

The simple answer is, ‘Yes, Hypnotherapy absolutely can help people eliminate or drastically reduce anxiety. Levels of anxiety differ from person to person and is a natural part of life, although there is a difference between a natural concern that keeps us safe and an irrational fear/anxiety.

How successful is hypnotherapy for anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is the most effective natural treatment for anxiety and there is a great deal of scientific evidence to support the use of hypnotherapy for anxiety. The part of the brain known as the Amygdala is the most effective pattern-matching machine and has the ability to memorise in a microsecond anything that hurts us, physically or emotionally. This is in effect an instant piece of programming. The Amygdala then continues to scan the environment for anything that may cause that pain again. Anything that reminds the Amygdala of danger activates the flight or fight response, flooding the body with adrenalin, the heart beats faster our breathing speeds up our senses become hyper alert, and this is what we experience as anxiety.

How many hypnosis sessions are needed for anxiety?

This is of course dependent on the understanding and skills of the Hypnotherapist. Anxiety is a learned response or unconscious program, and hypnosis enables the operator/Hypnotherapist to access and upgrade the unconscious program. If the Hypnotherapist’s training has imbued them with this knowledge and the skills to access and change the unconscious program, anxiety can and often is eliminated in one session.

What is the best coping mechanism for anxiety?

The best solution is to change the unconscious programming with hypnosis.
Alternatively, the understanding that anxiety is a physical response to an imagined outcome and therefore in this present moment in time not reality, we can decide to imagine the outcome differently and imagine the best outcome, as either imagined outcome is not reality. We can then decide which of the imagined outcomes empower or disempower us and make a choice which to imagine.

How do I hypnotize myself for anxiety?

The best way to hypnotise yourself whether for anxiety or anything else that you want to change at an unconscious level is through breathing techniques.

  • Firstly, if possible, remove yourself from the anxiety-inducing situation.
  • Find a safe, quiet place where you preferably sit and focus on your breathing.
  • Take two sharp breaths in, breathing into your stomach, then another longer breath into your chest.
  • Then breathe out slowly but completely.
  • Keep this going for one minute while at the same time repeating silently in your mind the word, ‘Relax’.
  • After approximately one minute, breathe out and relax completely.
  • Continue to repeat the word relax until the anxiety has completely gone.